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5 Essential Self-Care Tips for Depression

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

There are many different causes for depression that can stem from social, psychological, or biological factors. Your mental health toolbox might benefit from some techniques that can help when you start feeling depressive symptoms.

Practice Yoga

Yoga can help you with being more in tune with your body. Mental illness and depression have physical symptoms as well as psychological. Being in touch with our bodies helps us know better if something is affecting our minds.

Control Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a common struggle with people facing depression. A tool that might help change that is to practice saying something you like or appreciate about yourself. Saying something positive about your physical appearance, a quality you have, or something you did that makes you proud. By practicing positive thinking, we can better handle negative thoughts when they come our way.

Practice Meditation

Meditation can be a powerful tool to connect to the present moment when your mind is racing. It could be simply sitting at home and noticing the way you breathe, or going on a walk and noticing the chirping of the birds, the wind passing through the trees, etc. Meditation helps us step out of the negative and unhelpful thoughts and reconnect with our inner strength and peace.

Do Things You Enjoy

Develop a fun routine, spend at least 10 minutes doing something you enjoy. Whether it’s listening to music, dancing in the kitchen, or talking to a friend. Investing time in things that bring you joy, can go a long way in helping you feel less depressed.

Bedtime Routine

A good night’s sleep can help you feel more refreshed, ready to face the day, and improve your overall health. Developing a bedtime routine can include not using your phone or computer at least an hour before bed. Practicing meditation or yoga right before bed can help calm our minds. When your thoughts are racing at night, keep a notebook close by to write them down. It helps to know that you can come back to it later. Everyone is different and can have a different bedtime routine that works for them. It is important to experiment and try out different strategies to find what works best for you.

If you or someone you know is showing symptoms of depression, feel free to contact us and book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss any issues you might be facing.

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